12 Mar 2014

Paars fleece vest / Purple fleece jacket

MN013 - side
Fleece jacket made out of two-sided fleece. Based on Meine Nahmode – Sonderheft MN013 (Combination of variation 4 and 5). Easy to make. Because of the thick fleece, it was sometimes hard on my sewing machine when sewing several layers of the material.
Fun pattern with lots of variations, I will certainly use it again.

Pattern: Meine Nahmode – Sonderheft MN013
Fabric: Fleece

MN013 - front
MN013 - back

Flounce Dress zonder flounce / Flounce Dress without flounce

Second flounce dress-inspired night-shirt. Made a mistake with the sleeves, creating an about 4cm wider neckline. Turned out OK in the end.

Flounce Dress - front
Flounce Dress - back
Pattern: Burda 02/2013 #128
Fabric: Jersey

Flounce Dress - gathered sleeve