30 Mar 2015

Groene handen / Green hands

Crochet Driving Gloves, een patroon dat gratis te downloaden is van Lion Brand (patroon nummer 70713AD). Volgens het patroon zou maat S voor mij groot genoeg moeten zijn, maar nadat ik 1 handschoen gehaakt had, bleek deze veel te klein. Maat M past beter, al hadden de vingers iets wijder mogen zijn.

Het is een leuk patroon om te haken, al vond ik het erg lastig om van het einde van een toer 'onzichtbaar' naar het begin van de volgende te gaan.

After a free Lion Brand pattern: Crochet Driving Gloves (pattern number 70713AD). Size S turned out too small, although it should have fit perfectly according to the measurements mentioned in the pattern description. Size M fits a lot better, although the fingers could have been a little wider for the perfect fit.

Patroon/ Pattern: Crochet Driving Gloves - Lion Brand (70713AD)
Maat/ Size: M
Garen/ Yarn: De Vries - Orlon (50g, 160m)
Haaknaald/ Hook: 6mm

7 Mar 2015

Knit Culottes

I have been looking for an opportunity to make those knit culottes, as they look so comfortable. When going through my stash I found the perfect knit that I once bought with the intention of making a skirt with a yoga-type of waistband, but that obviously never happened. So here they are -  my own pair of knit culottes:

Unfortunately, I am a bit disappointed by the result. This may be due to my fabric choice or the length, but I don't think I will use this pattern again. Nonetheless I will wear these culottes, especially when I am at home, as they are as comfy as I expected.

Pattern: Knit Culottes - jj1 (BurdaStyle)
Fabric: tricot/ jersey

5 Mar 2015

Pyjamabroek / Pyjama pants

BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117
New comfy pants!

They are after the BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117 pattern, but with some changes:
-taped front and back leg parts together - quite easy as the original outer side seams are (almost) straight
-grain line moved to former outer side seam
-1cm seam allowance
-no hem allowance, as Burda pants are usually too long for me

-5cm wide waistband with elastic, instead of 8cm wide without any elastic
-5cm wide elastic - initial length ?cm, sewn together with 1,5cm overlap
-size waistband 1 size larger (?)
-no tunnel for elastic, but serged elastic and fabric all together at once

-cord made from same fabric as pants: started with 3x120cm of fabric, serged, turned, and finished off ends
-buttonholes for cord: 1,5cm long - 2,5cm from CF and ?cm from top of waistband
-1cm added to CB. Next time I will add 2 or 3cm to CF and 3 or 4cm to CB, as the waistband is 3cm smaller than original pattern

Pattern: BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117
Fabric: Tricot
Detail - buttonholes & cord