18 Jul 2017

Double Loulouxe Skort - Jalie 3670

Another lovely Jalie pattern:
the Loulouxe Skort

The first one is made from pink mid-weight jersey and a striped knit for the little niece. In my opinion, pockets are not only for big girls, so 2 pockets it was (and she loves them). I made it a size H and all according to the pattern. It is wonderful not to have to hem the shorts by adding a leg band, but next time I will make those bands smaller (and maybe add some length to the shorts for compensation).

The other one is for a bigger girl: me. Mine is made out of green spandex that I bought years ago with the intention to use it for leotards. For the flounce I used the striped knit, leftover from this shirt
According to my measurements I would have needed to grade from size U (waist) to V (hips), but decided against it and went with size V overall. It was really fun to see the difference in sizes (H --> V), especially with the centre back piece. 
One of the reasons I don't wear skirts very often is the lack of pockets (where do you leave your keys?),  so 2 pockets it was for me as well. Next time I may let them start lower on the leg, to make it easier to grab the keys from the bottom of the pocket, but I am not sure yet. I wouldn't like the content rolling out when on the recumbent.
As I don't like really short shorts, I added 2cm to the length, but then decided to shorten the leg band with 2cm (1cm when folded), which resulted in an added length of 1cm. 

Both skirts were left un-hemmed

The skort is really comfortable to wear. The spandex is so light you hardly notice wearing it. If using the same kind of fabric next time, I would grade down 1 size or tighten the leg bands as the shorts ride up a little.

Patroon/ Pattern: Loulouxe skort - Jalie 3670
Maat/ Size: H (pink) & V (green)
Stof/ Fabric: pink jersey + striped knit & green spandex (leotard quality) + striped knit

Aanpassingen/ Alterations:

-shorts: length +2cm & leg band -1cm (when folded)
-skirt: length +1cm (+2cm centre back)

10 Jul 2017

Kussen met auto's / Cars pillow

 A pillowcase for my little nephew. It was really fun to make with all the bright colours. I was amazed by the effect of the black back-stitching. (You can see the difference in one of the pictures below.)

More info on the pillowcase for his little sister can be found here.

Kussensloop/ Pillowcase: V&D
Patroon/ Pattern: via Pinterest
Garen/ Thread: DMC

6 Jul 2017

Dolman-style sleeve top

De shirts die ik eerder met dit patroon gemaakt heb, heb ik inmiddels zo vaak gedragen dat ze bijna versleten zijn. Tijd voor een nieuwe...

I have been wearing the shirts I made with this pattern so often that it was time for a new one... with matching stripes! 

Patroon/ Pattern:
Dolman Sleeve Top - Cation Designs
Maat/ Size: M
Stof/ Fabric: slightly slippery knit

-Hals middenvoor 2cm hoger
-Schoudernaad verlengd met 1/2cm
De hals is hierdoor iets strakker geworden dan ik van te voren bedacht had.

-front neckline +2cm
-lengthened shoulder seams with 1/2cm
The neckline is therefore a little tighter than I expected.