27 Aug 2018

Tamarillo Top

Patroon/ Pattern
Tamarillo Top - Cherry Designs (gratis/ free)
Maat/ Size: 38
(smalle bandjes / small shoulder straps)
Stof/ Fabric: tricot

-zoom omgeslagen ipv nog een keer extra omgevouwen

22 Aug 2018

Jalie 3241 - X-back leotard

Hopefully the X-back leotard works as an alternative for a crop top during pole fitness class. I expect there may be some difficulties with more advanced techniques, but we'll see.

OK, so according to the measurement chart I measure a S bust, U waist and hips, and a Y girth. Therefore I decided to trace a size U, grade back to size T around the bust and back to an U under the armpit, and add 2x 4 1/2cm to the length. It turned out that adding 9cm to the girth was too much, I could have gotten away with adding only 2cm to the waist area.
The leotard being too long might be part of the reason why the straps don't lie flat on back, in addition to the elastic not being wide enough (6mm instead of 10mm). After cutting the neckline elastic I discovered there wasn't enough left for the armholes and the leg openings. Unfortunately this specific type of elastic was sold out, so I settled on another type only to discover that it wasn't as wide as they said it was. :-( Still I wanted to finish the leotard, as curious about the fit as I was, so I did use the new elastic anyway. For the leg openings it isn't too bad, but the straps don't look as they should. Another reason could be that I added length to the straps in the wrong spot, although I added the length perpendicular to the grain line. 

I AM happy with the front: The yoke ends exactly where I wanted it to end and gives good coverage.

Pattern: Jalie 3241 - X-back gymnastics leotard & biketard 
Size: U
Fabric: stretch velours

- +4 1/2cm to the length
- bust down graded to size T

Jalie 3887 - Clara pajamas

The second pair of Clara tights. This time in cotton lycra instead of spandex. As a test I made it the same size as the first pair and it turned out to be a good choice.

See the first pair here.

Patroon/ Pattern: Jalie 3887 - Clara leggings
Maat/ Size: U
Stof/ Fabric: tricot/ jersey

13 Aug 2018

Vitality Racerback Tank 2

After a disappointing first version of this tank, I really wanted to make this pattern work for me so I gave it another try. 

This time I used cotton jersey instead of spandex and made some adjustments to the top part of the tank. Overall I cut a size M (so no down grading at the bust), except for the following: 
-neckline graded to a size XS center front and center back, and a XL at the shoulder seams
-armhole (both back and front) graded to size XS

This resulted in a lower neckline and wider arm holes with a much better fit. Next time I could lower the arm hole a bit more for an even better fit.

Again I used Sewing with Sarah's tutorial for knit bindings, and again that method worked like a charm.

Pattern: Vitality racerback bra - Peekaboo
Size: M (long)
Fabric: tricot/ jersey

-neckline: XS (XL at shoulder seam)
-armhole: XS

10 Aug 2018

Vitality Racerback Tank 1

In my search for a racerback tank I came across Peekaboo's pattern and loved the fit is shows on the pictures. 

Unfortunately, it turned out to be much tighter on the arms and higher on the neck than I thought it would be. First I used a contrast binding that I surged to the tank and top-stitched the SA towards the tank with contrasting thread. As the armholes were super tight, I decided to try a different type of binding (tutorial here) and it turned out a little better as it is (almost) wearable now with a slightly lower neckline and a little more space around the arms.

Next time, I'll make some adjustments to the top part of the tank (both back and front)

Pattern: Vitality racerback tank - Peekaboo 
Size: M with S bust
Fabric: Lycra / Spandex

9 Aug 2018

Lago Tank

In search of a not-so-tight fitting tank I decided on the Lago Tank by Itch to Stitch. 
The pattern comes with two size charts: 1 for body measurements and 1 for finished garment sizes. Based on both charts I went with a size 4 (I could have graded down at the waist, but didn't feel like it).

The result is a colourful and comfy tank that I love. No tight armholes (yeah!) and a nice neckline.

Lago Tank - Itch to Stitch (free)
Size: 4
Fabric: tricot/ jersey

2 Aug 2018

Jalie Pole Outfit

Needing more pole wear is a great excuse to get some new patterns. Several people recommended the Jalie crop tops and they were right. I love view C with the spaghetti back straps. There will be more....it is such a versatile pattern.

I made a size T, graded to a U towards the bottom, and used the navy blue spandex for the lining of the front. Instead of using FOE (fold over elastic) I decided to try a new binding method, of which I had recently seen a great tutorial by Sewing with Sarah (pictures as well as a video). It worked like a charm and I just love the result.

The Clara leggings are great as they have neither a center front seam nor side seams. The only change I made was shorten them by about 5cm. The fit is great and they are super easy to make.

I love this combination of fabrics. The pictures don't do justice to the colours. I had these remnants in my fabric stash for years, as the fabric was originally used to make costumes for acrobatic rock 'n roll competitions.

All in all I am really, really happy with this set and wearing it makes me feel great and confident during training.

Pattern: Jalie 3247 - Crop tops
Size: T (U)
Fabric: spandex (Lycra)

Pattern: Jalie 3887 - Clara high waisted leggings
Size: U
Fabric: spandex (Lycra)

1 Aug 2018

More Happy Hippos Pads

The Happy Hippos - 7"Curvy Front
The Happy Hippos - 7" Curvy Front

The Happy Hippos - 8" Curvy Front
The Happy Hippos - 8" Curvy Flare

The Happy Hippos - 9" Wrap Wing
The Happy Hippos - 10" Wrap Wing