20 Oct 2015

Lion Brand Top

For Mother's Day I promised my mother that I would crochet her a tunic, based on a pattern she liked and with yarn that had been in her stash for years. We agreed on a free Lion Brand pattern. 

According to her measurements I had to go easy on the pattern, so before I started I did some recalculations and made changes to the pattern. When working on the first row it became clear that the image on the pattern descriptions is not representative. It turned out the neckline is very small and that instead of going easy on the pattern I had to enlarge it.


Changes I made:

Base ch/ sc 88
Rnd 1: Ch 3, dc in next to stitches, (ch3, skip next 2 sc, dc in next 3sc) 17 times, ch 3, sl st in top of beg ch - 18 ch-sp
Rnd 2: Sl st in next 2 dc, sl st in first ch sp, ch 3, 2dc in same space, (ch3, 3dc in next ch sp) around, ch3, sl st in top of begin chain - 18 ch-sp
Rnd 3 (incr round): Sl st in next 2 dc, sl st in first ch-sp, ch 3, 2dc in same space, ch 3, 2dc in same space (corner), ... (see original pattern)
Work 9 more incr rounds, working each corner in each corner ch-space (10 incr rounds in total; last round: corner, 15 ch-sp, corner, 12 ch-sp, corner, 15 ch-sp, corner, 12 ch-sp)

Joining Row: follow original pattern until "... to end." Ch3, sl st in top beg ch

-Working even on 32 ch-sp. Repeat Rnd 2 for 20 rounds.
-(ch 3, 3dc in next ch-sp, ch 2, 3dc in next ch-sp) all around for 13 rounds
-(dc in dc, 3dc in 3ch-sp, dc in dc, 2dc in 2ch-sp) all around for 1 round
-sc in dc all around (last round)

-Follow original pattern until "...around", ch3, sl st in top of beg ch. Working even on 13 ch-sp, repeat Rnd 2 for 11 rounds
-(ch 3, 3dc in ch-sp, ch 2, 3dc in ch-sp) for 4 rounds
-(ch 2, 3dc in ch-sp) for 10 rounds
-(ch 1, 3dc in ch-sp) for 7 rounds
-(dc in dc, dc in ch-sp) for 1 round
-sc in dc all around (last round)

-Follow original pattern

Pattern: Crochet Bronze Beauty Top - Lion Brand
Yarn: Nordmark Rondo (6 1/2 skein)
Crochet Hook: 6mm
Gauge testing
Body measurements
Sleeve measurements
Yarn (right)

18 Oct 2015

Cora - deel 3 / Cora - part 3

Aangezien de Cora shorts nr. 2 ook te klein was, toch nog maar een 3e versie gemaakt. Nu een maatje groter.
Net als nr. 2 ook van dit broekje de pijpjes verlengd, de beenbanden smaller gemaakt en het zakje naar rechtsvoor verplaatst.

As the Cora shorts no. 2 were too small as well, I decided to go up one size for the 3rd version. 
I applied the same changes as I did for no. 2: lengthened it by ~8cm, made the thigh bands smaller and moved the pocket to the front.

Patroon/ Pattern: Jalie 3462 - Cora running tights & shorts
Maat/ Size: W

Stof/ Fabric: lycra/ spandex

6 Oct 2015

Cora running shorts - lengthened

My second attempt on the Cora running shorts turned out to be wearable, although somewhere in the future.

I went with the same size as the first pair hoping that better quality fabrics and more suitable elastic would increase the fit of the shorts. Unfortunately they turned out too small (even thought the size was based on my hip measurements). But, as I am back in training, I hope they will fit me in a couple of months.

The changes I made:
-Lengthened them by 9cm
-Decreased the width of the thigh bands to 3cm
-Moved the back pocket to the front (more comfortable when riding a recumbent bicycle)

This time I also used a twin needle to baste/sew the elastic to the waistband facing and I really like the result.

All in all I am happy with how these shorts turned out and I will be wearing them in the future. I'll be sewing a larger pair of the Cora shorts soon! And will hopefully improve my sewing-elastic-to-the-seam-allowance skills.

Pattern: Jalie 3462 - Cora running tights & shorts
Fabric: lycra/ spandex

Kinderschort & Koksmuts 2 / Toddler Apron & Chef Hat 2


Grote inspiratiebron / Great source of inspiration: 50er jahre-look kinderschurze - Made by Steen

Patronen / Patterns:
-Schort / Apron: Vintage kinderschort - Wer hat die Schere
(gratis patroon, linkt naar www.hobbyschneiderin.net. Na aanmelden is het patroon de volgende dag te downloaden.)

-Koksmuts / Chef hat: Child & Adult Chef Hat - You Can Make This