30 Sep 2013

Wikkelrok / Wrap skirt

Wikkelrok (1 1/2 cirkel) waarbij de band, die achterlangs gaat, door de band getrokken wordt.
Petticoat is niet zelf gemaakt.

This 1 1/2 circle skirt was supposed to be finished in May, but because of hemming problems I didn’t finish it. Recently, I found some videos about “narrow hemming a circle skirt” by BlogForBetterSewing.com on youtube that gave me the courage to tackle the problems and finish the skirt.
I didn’t make the petticoat myself. 

Youtube links:
Narrow Hemming a Circle Skirt, Part One 
Narrow Hemming a Circle Skirt, Part Two
Wikkelrok - Achterkant

Detail - strik
Detail - doorvoer band
Detail - losse banden

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