5 Mar 2015

Pyjamabroek / Pyjama pants

BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117
New comfy pants!

They are after the BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117 pattern, but with some changes:
-taped front and back leg parts together - quite easy as the original outer side seams are (almost) straight
-grain line moved to former outer side seam
-1cm seam allowance
-no hem allowance, as Burda pants are usually too long for me

-5cm wide waistband with elastic, instead of 8cm wide without any elastic
-5cm wide elastic - initial length ?cm, sewn together with 1,5cm overlap
-size waistband 1 size larger (?)
-no tunnel for elastic, but serged elastic and fabric all together at once

-cord made from same fabric as pants: started with 3x120cm of fabric, serged, turned, and finished off ends
-buttonholes for cord: 1,5cm long - 2,5cm from CF and ?cm from top of waistband
-1cm added to CB. Next time I will add 2 or 3cm to CF and 3 or 4cm to CB, as the waistband is 3cm smaller than original pattern

Pattern: BurdaStyle 01/2006 #117
Fabric: Tricot
Detail - buttonholes & cord

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