29 Dec 2016

Wasbaar maandverband / Cloth pads

Veel foto's / Photo-heavy post

All pads
From left to right, top to bottom:
The Eco Friendly Family - Regular
Fiberish - Pointy Wing - 9.25"
Pauline's Pad Pattern
The Eco Friendly Family - Nighttime
Hanner Nanner - Curvaceous Isosceles - wide

Blue Dinosaurs - Overnight
Sew Green
LeAnne - Liner 7" - squared
Mammalous - inlegkruisje (verlengd)
Luna Wolf
Hanner Nanner - Oh Christmas Tree
Debra Neilson - Pointy Pad - Asymmetrical (FB Sewing Cloth Menstrual Pads)
Debra Neilson - Fleur-de-Lis (FB Sewing Cloth Menstrual Pads)

Dancing Squish Designs
Mme ZsaZsa (verlengd)

She who runs in the forest - panty liner

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