12 Jan 2016

Cora running tights

I pride myself on these running thights. I just love the result and hopefully my sister does too, as these tights are her (belated) birthday present.

She chose the fabric and the design, and together we agreed on the pattern: The Cora Running Tights by Jalie. To add to the visibility I used elastic reflective piping. Yes, it exists....

I thought it would be hard to insert the piping, but it was easier than expected. Yeah!

Pattern: Jalie 3462 - Cora running tights 
Size: W
Fabric: spandex - Funkifabrics.com (Lightshow Black & Performance Black)
Piping: elastic reflective piping - extremtextil.de

-Lengthened by 6 cm: 3cm upper leg, 2cm calf, 1cm just above ankle
-no elastic in back pocket, but double layer of  fabric.

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