21 Jan 2017

Tweezijdige superhelden cape / Double-sided superhero cape

Verjaardagscadeautje voor mijn neefje. / Birthday present for my little nephew.

Inspiratie/ Inspiration: Capron - Craft Remedy 
Maat/ Size: child
Stof/ Fabric: Katoen/ Cotton 

Patroon Cape/ Cape pattern (starting point): Superhelden - Kid5
- 'Superman': photokapi.com
- Batman: Max California

The idea was born, and the fabric was bought. It was time to conquer my fear for self-drafted patterns and appliques!
As I didn't want to start totally from scratch, and to get an indication of sizes for a 5/6 yr old, I used the cape pattern from Kid5 (Superhelden) and the Capron tutorial from Craft Remedy as starting point.

The Cape:
I used the length of the largest size of the pattern and adjusted the shoulder part of the cape to fit the shoulder part of the front (~5 cm wide), keeping most of the original neck line.

The Front:
Starting out with a rectangle of about 25cm wide and 30 cm high (without seam allowances) and drew a deep neckline to adjust for the needed overlap (velcro) with the shoulder part of the cape (~5 cm wide). The waistband (5 cm wide, >70 cm long) was added later.

The Appliques:
For the appliques, especially for the Superman ones, I used the method shown in this tutorial from Schnabelinas Welt, using a size '6' zigzag the first time round and a size '7' the second time.
After adding stabilizer to the fabrics, I used the templates to trace the logos on the fabric.

For the Batman one, the bats were cut out before sewing on the background, the rims of the yellow oval where trimmed after the first round of zigzagging.

For Superman, after transferring the logo I sewed both pieces together along the outer line (with a straight stitch). Then I zigzagged along the inner lines, cut away the inner red fabric and zigzagged the inner lines for the second time. After zigzagging the logo to the background, I trimmed along the outer lines before the second zigzag run. Luckily this revealed a small line of yellow making the logo on the cape (red on red) stand out just a little more.

Merging both sides:
Both capes were surged together, leaving a turning hole along one of the sides. After turning the right side out, I topstiched along the edge.
Both front parts were also surged together, leaving the bottom open, and topstitched after turning.

Adding the waistband turned out to be a challenge. What worked best for me (had to do it twice as the first waistband turned out to be too short) was surging the waistband to the appliquéd part and continue that seam till finished, sewing both rounded edges, surging the underside of the waistband to the point where the upper part gets in the way. Than turn waistband right side out, iron the seam allowance to the inside of the open part, topstitch whole waistband in one run, closing the 'gap'.

Last steps:
Adding velcro (3 cm wide, ~5-7 cm long) to shoulder parts and waistband. Iron one last time....

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